When You Are Tired And Need Rest

I’ve been experiencing some post-Covid low energy and needing deeper, undisturbed rest for rejuvenation. This morning I paid attention to where my thoughts went when I first awoke.

What is the first thing you think of when you wake in the morning? Are you looking forward to the new day or do you want to roll over and go back to sleep? Personally, when I paid attention to my thought life I recognized I was getting into the habit of a "roll over and go back to sleep and hide from the day" kinda thing. Rather than making myself wrong, I got curious and invited myself into a deeper process with my inner Essential Self. 

"Are you really tired and needing deeper rest?" My Essential Self guessed.

I felt my body soften, gently uncurling, with my eyes still closed in a semi-slumber. Slowly awakening me, my Essential Self asked with care, "Maybe you are needing some shared reality and acknowledgement for the complexity of all that you hold and do in a given day."

I spontaneously drew in a deep breath, feeling the relaxation that comes from a deep aliveness as it began to course through my being. "Are you needing the faith and freedom to trust you’ll awaken inspired to create your day doing what you love?" 

A warm smile spread across my face as I opened my eyes, to stretch and gaze at the beautiful ocean painting, which was my mother's. The memory of my mother, the soft colors and imagery of the ebb and flow of the tide washed over me. I felt a deep healing resonance shift my inner experience from resistance, to one of peace. Endless possibilities gloriously stretched out all around me. 

When we lovingly listen to and accept ourselves at the soul level, right where we are, rather than berating ourselves for not being as we "should" be, it allows us an opportunity to be birthed all over again. When we then open our eyes we can see with the eyes of our soul. When we see the beauty of divinity in not only ourselves, but in each person we encounter, our relationships deepen, and the bonds of our unions strengthen. 

Creativity and inspiration are the opposite of routine. When you consciously know where you are going and have faith you will get there, allowing yourself to adapt to any changes, you can experience your infinite potential. You’ll naturally act differently and attract consistently what you’ve aligned with. Relating to each other from the soul level, we are empowered to radiate out an expansion of love, joy, compassion, and harmony into our world.


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