Journeying Within: Exploring the Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection with Horses

Aug 09, 2023

Where I place my attention, my energy follows.

I notice this rings true for me in my relationships, not just with myself, but with horses as well. When I invite them to dance in rhythm with me, wherever I place my attention is definitely where my energy follows. 

When I feel nervous and uncertain, and do not consciously acknowledge my inner experience, I tend to automatically look for what is "wrong" and may "over correct" in an attempt to restore a fluid sense of connection. I may also misread my horses' body language and cues and perceive my horses' actions as threatening. This does not contribute towards the beauty of the need for safety, let alone attuned resonate connection. 

Yet, as I begin to notice the pattern emerging in the moment, and remember to slow everything down (dropping momentarily into my body, acknowledging my sensations and emotions and link them energetically to my needs) it's rather magical how I sense both our energies, mine and my horses,...

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β€œDon’t Give Up On Me Mommy!”

Jul 20, 2022

Do you plan outings with your kids, ones that you both put time and energy into choosing what you'll be doing together and really look forward to? Has anything unexpected ever happened in the midst of one of those special times? If so, how did you react in the moment? Were you able to stay flexible and adaptable or does unpredictability simply knock you way off balance?    

I enjoyed planning outings with my son, Rylan, fairly regularly when he was younger, often folding them into our homeschooling program. I remember one Monday we planned to go shopping for his winter coat after going to the doctor. This day was particularly exciting because we planned to go to the Valley Mall to do our shopping! Let me share the story with you. 

Rylan took my hand in his as we crossed the parking lot to enter the mall, and as we went through the big doors he gave me a big grin saying, "I love you, Mom."  

I gave his hand a squeeze and affirmed, "I love you too, son."...

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