Unveiling the Power of Emotional Healing

Nov 27, 2023

This morning's session with a longtime client deeply touched my heart. This person and I have journeyed together for years, and their story has truly resonated within me.

Let's shine light on something often left unspoken: neglect. Neglect takes many forms, shaping our ability to form secure relationships. When neglected, our attachment styles can vary:

- A distant, avoidant attachment.

- An intense, ambivalent attachment.

- A chaotic, disorganized attachment.

These terms are rooted in attachment theories, not widely known by everyone. Yet, when born without a secure foundation, your survival instincts kick in. For many, the fight, flight, or emotional outbursts are attempts to draw in caregivers, to build that essential secure bond. It's a higher-frequency response, fostering greater resilience.

However, there are those who never experience this. Their environment imprints them deeply, leaving them emotionally numb. Beneath that numbness lies excruciating pain—the ache of...

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You've Just Become A Little Bit Invisible

Aug 13, 2021

Have you ever felt like you don’t fit in anywhere? You could maybe be part of a group feeling totally fine and then all of a sudden, it’s as if there is a disconnect that happens inside. It could be a little bit of dissociation in your mind. Or, maybe it feels like you’ve just become a little bit invisible and there is no sense of a connection between you and anyone else in the group. It’s like there is a space between you and others that before you hadn’t felt at all. 

Then, you notice the other people and you wonder, how are they connected? How are they doing that? I want to acknowledge there can be this experience where it feels like there is something missing. There is some kind of missing linkage.  

I was working with a client the other day and they were having a very similar experience to this. They had been part of a group for quite awhile and what happened was when...

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The Pain of Neglect

Feb 05, 2021
Today I spent some time with a person who has suffered incredible neglect throughout their entire life. They have been on a long journey of healing; reclaiming their sense of self. One of the things they shared is that is was like riding a jaggedy roller coaster. Have you ever ridden one of those? They can jar you to your bones. You can get off and never be the same again.
It’s been really confusing for this person to even know who they are or even where they are, or how they have gotten as far as they have in their life. So, just taking it slow, being very relational, taking time to be with whatever experience unfolds for them is really important. Acknowledging what it’s like when you’ve had so many years where you felt slammed, boxed up, or sometimes it feels like being in a vice grip it’s so intense. I’ve heard some say that it’s a mindless and terrible place to be of this yo-yoing; here I am and now here I’m gone.
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