Do You Feel All Alone Or That You Don't Matter?

Jul 10, 2020

Today I made a request of myself, that I make this video in order to turn something around from deep inside of my heart. 

It was a rainy, dismal day, and I noticed that every time it is a rainy, dismal day, it would affect my perception of life. I would feel really drained and blah, lethargic, depleted and listless. Then I would start noticing when things were out of order, messy, or cluttered. Next, I noticed how messy my closet was and I felt like there was just so much to do! 

Then, when I was working on making a recording, the processing was taking hours to complete. Everything was like this sticky, push-pull, really uncomfortable experience that I was not enjoying. 

The predominate feelings that I took the time to unpack were; lethargic, under-whelm, lonely, weary, detached, withdrawn, and gloomy. It was like the weather was being a metaphor, a reflection of my inner implicit sea, of me. 

The shadow beliefs that were running me was a very familiar one, where...

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What Empowers Your Next Steps?

Jun 04, 2020

Have you ever been part of a group where you had the experience that you were on the outside looking in? Maybe just an observer? Maybe it was difficult, or you didn’t speak up because you didn’t know how to engage in the group. 

Or maybe your experience is where it’s easy to talk. When you are in a group you can always think of something to say. You can engage with ease, and yet, at the same time, you feel like you are on the outside, that you don’t belong, and you don’t fit in. This is the experience of a group that I’ve been working with, that they were exploring the other day. 

For example, I have a hand, and I have two sides to this hand. So there are two sides to having the experience of having a hand. This is an analogy for what it’s like to be in a group. One side of the hand is scared to speak up. Maybe it doesn’t know how, and as they begin to learn how, by exploring the process of self-compassion, and slowing time...

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Surfacing Through Breaker Waves - Guest Blog by Ruth Crea

May 28, 2020

When we’ve experienced complex trauma, often, there is a part of us that wants to be healed yesterday. We compulsively move through life looking for the next thing that will make everything better - seeking freedom from the pain deep within us.

Let me assure you this is very common and normal to experience.

What we can learn, when we are accompanied with resonance each step of our journey, is how to Be with ‘what is’. To learn it is possible to become Present, even in the face of stress. This is difficult to put into words as it is a ‘felt’ experience that informs us from within.

The depth of such a journey is profound, I’m pleased to share with you the blog of ‘One’ such individual who is finding her path to Wholeness…


“Even though I have been receiving support from Gloria for several years, when she developed The Healing You Method with tangible tools for her online intensive course, I got in touch with some of...

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When Fear Gets Contagious

Apr 03, 2020

There has been a lot of talk about the pandemic here, and there is a lot of anxiety that is coursing through our world. It’s really pervasive. Everything is closing down, everything is changing, and patterns aren’t the same. That fear that can be sparked, can be contagious. People getting worried about catching it. Whether it is catching the virus or catching the fear, it’s about getting caught and having no way out. This increases so much more stress in our body’s system and that reduces our immune system. 

I also want to acknowledge that I have witnessed so many beautiful posts, emails, so many hearts are opening up and there is a deeper self-connection happening. As we are able to connection in this way, from our hearts, we are inspired to reach out to others. To reach out a helping hand in any way that we are empowered to. 

We are learning that it is possible to, even now, slow down and enjoy life. Maybe connecting with the arts; painting,...

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Dedicated to All the Professionals Helping Others

Mar 02, 2020

Today’s post is especially dedicated to all of you folks out there who support others. You might be a therapist, a doctor, a psychotherapist or a coach working in health and wellness. Sometimes, when we are about this work, we can feel exhaustion. We keep doing our best to power through to make a difference, because our work in the world really does matter, to so many lives.

Yet, what can happen when we are powering through, we can end up lacking healthy boundaries, taking on more than we need to or that is good for us. We may find it difficult to be able to say “No” when somebody asks for support or help, even though we have already put in our shift or have a full schedule. If we continue down that path, then some of us may start to get frazzled and not be able to track so well and communicate with a lack of clarity. We can fall down into this place that has no motivation at all and we feel so tired. This can happen in many different ways.

Let me share one of my...

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