Unleashing the Magic of Healing: A Journey with Horses

Oct 04, 2023

At Healing You Sanctuary, both horses and clients are recognized as sentient beings, whole, complete and perfect as they are. The dance of connection that unfolds, as clients develop their unique relationships with the horses, allows each person to begin to glimpse their patterns that are below conscious awareness in their relationships. Time slows down, and they begin to “see” through the eyes of the horse, new possibilities of what they might begin to do differently in relationships. The following testimony reflects this beautifully. 

“In my session I noticed there was still a part of me that needed to know it is safe to have a voice when big energy comes up. I saw the big horse standing tall, looking at me. He started to move toward me. I was doing my best to imagine slowing down inside, when an image of my husband and son in conflict popped up in my mind. In that moment, my heart raced with fear, and I could not think or imagine what to do different. I...

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Change Can Be Uncomfortable

Apr 09, 2021

How do you deal with change? It can come in many different ways. Some of us, when change happens, especially if it’s unexpected, we get angry about it. Because, we don’t like change. We like things to stay on an even keel, we like the familiarity of things not changing at all. Some of us say that the older we get the harder change becomes because we are stuck in our ways. Well, that’s pretty true for a lot of us, because it gets uncomfortable. And, we don’t like to feel uncomfortable.

Others of us, we might get startled, feel really uneasy. Uncertainty can come up for us because it’s new territory to navigate and change means things are different. The need for predictability can come up. We get comfortable with familiarity. We think we already know things then; we don’t have to learn them all over again.

Maybe you get scared. It may come up in the form of feeling scared you won’t succeed, or that you’ll get it wrong. I know that people...

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Time With The Deepest Darkest Shadow

Jan 08, 2021
During this time in our world, there’s been a lot of opportunities to be in Solitude. Seeing it as being in solitude rather than in ‘lock-down’ – there’s a difference for me – even in the energetic quality of those words.
When I take time to be in solitude, I’m taking time to matter to myself, to be reflective of my life, and to be in choice in how I engage with myself, with others, and in our world. During this time, I’ve had opportunity to dig a little deeper into what makes me tick.
We can start to notice patterns of behavior, patterns of thought, and patterns of our knee-jerk reactions. So, I’ve had the opportunity to do quite a bit of that exploration, and for that I’m grateful. Because, as I continue this journey in life, I want to show up fully. I want to have the freedom to express who I am, regardless of the environment I find myself in.
So, I notice what quality was keeping me...
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