Transforming Fear: A Journey Within

Jun 19, 2024

Navigating the realm of the unknown can be an overwhelming experience, a surge of fear and uncertainty that can knock us off our center, leaving an indelible imprint on our very bones. The gripping fear, the kind that makes everything seem unsafe, often encapsulates us in solitude, with nowhere seemingly available to turn for support.

Reflecting on childhood, I recall being afraid of what might lurk beneath the bed or hide within the closet during those dark, lonely nights. These childhood fears have a knack for lingering in the shadows of our lives, persisting until we are fortunate enough to encounter understanding souls who connect with us, allowing us to feel truly felt in our bones.

Regardless of the nature of our fears, be it relentless thoughts keeping us awake at night or deeply embedded patterns causing persistent pain, finding solace becomes pivotal. Recently, I found myself grappling with worries and unsettling dreams, and amid this nocturnal turmoil, a moment of...

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🌟 Unlock the Gift of Sensitivity 🌟

Jun 13, 2024

In moments when life felt overwhelmingly intense, the sentiments of being "too sensitive" or needing to "chill out" bewildered me. However, if you resonate with this experience, I want to underscore the profound possibilities embedded in such heightened sensitivity – it's a unique gift.

Developing the capacity to stay present in each moment opens the door to living with an expansive and open heart. As a multi-sensory being, you absorb life's energy and information in a way that transcends the five senses, fostering meaningful connections with other heart-centered individuals.

The key to embracing this way of being lies in developing emotional awareness through embodied practices, recognizing your sensitivities as a birthright that supports your growth. With consistent practices and an empathy buddy, you can expand your window of welcome to the diverse frequencies life offers.

Life, akin to a school, provides daily lessons that, when savored and journaled, contribute to your...

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Navigating Challenges, Finding Humor, and Unleashing Growth!

May 30, 2024

Have you ever experienced that moment when you just wanted to hit the snooze button and take a day off? This morning was one of those for me.

Recently, I've delved into the world of a new language associated with connecting with more people. The underlying intention, however, is what drives me — mastering these skillsets to offer more resources, especially for folks like you and me. That, for me, is a powerful motivator.

I recall the early days of exploring the internet when everything seemed pretty fast-paced. Now, with technology evolving even faster, staying up-to-date demands acquiring new skill sets. This realization underscores the significance of having reliable and consistent support across various aspects of life.

In this journey, I'm truly grateful for my mentor, who is walking alongside me as I navigate building a more robust online presence. His unwavering support is invaluable.

Being transparent about hitting a technological wall, I connected with Stephen. The...

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Lessons in Compassion and Connection

May 23, 2024

The holiday season can be a unique journey, full of unexpected moments and precious lessons. I remember once years ago as I navigated shopping with my son, I couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming commercialism that surrounded us.

The sensory overload, the constant temptation to buy impulsively – it can be challenging, especially when impulse control is a struggle. I found myself caught in moments of shame and frustration as my son yearned for things in the store. But in those moments, I've learned something profound.

It's about redefining the shopping experience. I asked my son if he'd like to go "window shopping" with me, to simply enjoy the sights and not make any purchases. His enthusiasm was heartwarming. We explored the store, and when he saw something he really wanted, we examined it closely, read the details, and talked about it.

And then, a pivotal moment. As he desperately wanted an item, he witnessed another family happily buying it. The longing in his eyes...

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Transformative Parenting: Nurturing Hearts and Minds

May 17, 2024

This blog is a heartfelt dedication to all those caring for individuals with "special needs." Welcome to our community of shared experiences, support, encouragement, heart connections, and celebrations. Today, I'll share a story about my journey with my son, who was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, and how NonViolent Communication (NVC) and Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) transformed our lives.

A bit of background: My son, Rylan, was given many diagnoses, one being a math disability in the first grade. This revealed he experienced a working memory deficit which was critical for math. I learned that he had endured isolating experiences where he was made to sit at his desk with a timer. The teacher's intention was to help him focus. But it heightened his anxiety, especially being separated from warm relationships.

Let's explore how stress affected Rylan through IPNB. Panic flooded his system with hormones, triggering his survival mode. Cortisol inhibits the hippocampus,...

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Embrace Your Authentic Self and Cultivate Lasting Connections

Mar 22, 2024

How do I know it’s possible to cultivate lasting relationships? Because this is my life's journey, the path that led me to where I am today. When I face uncertainty, I reach out for help without shame. I take the time I need to make decisions so that I can choose either a full yes or a full no. My voice matters in this world, and the way I show up influences others, especially my children and loved ones. I want to model authenticity and sincerity so they, too, can pay it forward in their lives.

I embrace this path because I understand that all my emotions make sense. Every single one of them matters, and it's crucial to dispel distortions that label some as "bad" or "wrong" while elevating others. It's essential to learn to listen to your body's wisdom. When your body contracts or withdraws, it's a signal to slow down and be present because life is truly for you.

Life can only seem against you when you're pretending to be someone you're not. So, how do you step into being...

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Discover the Power of Authentic Connections

Mar 13, 2024

Today, I've been reflecting on the profound importance of human connections in our lives. It's a recognition that for some of us, our early years were marked by low self-esteem due to a lack of these vital connections.

In response, many of us developed coping mechanisms. Some became excessively kind to ensure they mattered, while others suppressed healthy anger. Some struggled to say "no," shouldering excessive burdens that caused immense stress. This often led to difficulty expressing our true emotions, as our bodies and minds grappled with the consequences.

You might find that your body instinctively resists because you weren't able to say "no" before. This emotional isolation can create a gap that separates us from the human connections our souls crave.

On my own journey, I've discovered that it is not only possible to embrace yourself but also to genuinely enjoy the company of others. Through the healing process, you come to realize that you truly matter, a truth reflected in...

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Unmasking Healing: A Journey to Authenticity

Mar 07, 2024

I recall a time in my life when it felt like everything was falling apart. My mother was battling cancer, my responsibilities were overwhelming, and I was wearing a mask, pretending to be someone I wasn't. I was attempting to endure an unnamed pain. When my mother passed away, I felt broken and done. I was finished with pretending to be someone I wasn't, and it was time to rediscover who I truly was.

A dear friend opened a door for me, connecting me with a gentle therapist who understood me. When we summon the courage to let our vulnerable, fractured parts be seen and held with compassion by another, and when we trust in something greater than ourselves to create that safe container, miracles can unfold. As my trust in this person grew, she asked if I'd be willing to participate in group sessions.

I hesitated, feeling safer with just her. She leaned in and acknowledged, "Yes, I understand that you feel safer with me, and that's perfectly okay. When you're ready, would you consider...

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Exploring the Path to Healing and Self-Discovery

Jan 26, 2024

Making decisions can be a formidable challenge for some while others breeze through them with ease. What's the underlying factor that distinguishes these two perspectives?

From my own experience, it often stems from developmental trauma. It could be the result of neglect during our formative years, a lack of attention, or the absence of acknowledgment that we matter. It might also emerge from not having our distress recognized or not feeling safe enough to express it. Each of these experiences can create unique complexities within us.

As our nervous system evolves, we form intricate connections within our brain and body. The map of our identity is shaped by both nature and nurture, influenced by the epigenetic imprints we carry and the potential for generational trauma. However, it's important to note that these patterns need not remain unchangeable.

It may not be a quick fix, but lasting transformation rarely is. Healing yourself is undoubtedly a journey worth embarking upon.


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Journey to Self-Awareness: Breaking Free from Autopilot

Jan 19, 2024

I've been reflecting on those moments in my day when I slip into autopilot, becoming an unwitting passenger in my own life. It's left me wondering: how did I let myself become a spectator in my own story? How can I reclaim my presence, slow down, and truly regain control of my choices?

This phenomenon can be incredibly subtle. For instance, when I'm out feeding my horses, a wave of reminiscence can wash over me, and suddenly, I find myself lost in the "ever-present-past." In those moments, I'm no longer fully engaged; I'm merely going through the motions.

Just yesterday, as I chatted with my aunt on my headset while driving to visit my grandkids, I realized I had missed my turn-off entirely! It's become evident how frequently I slip into autopilot throughout the day. I've come to appreciate the beauty of being fully present and empowered, the ability to slow down my inner processes and truly observe my life and the choices it presents. To consciously direct where I channel my...

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