Introducing Gloria Lybecker, Founder of Healing You Sanctuary

Often, the biggest barrier to change is our own biases, expectations, and assumptions. Gloria understands this and offers a non-traditional approach to help you break free from limiting beliefs and discover where your true power lies. By guiding you towards a non-judgmental orientation away from your own identity, she helps reveal the truth and create a powerful shift within you. This shift opens up possibilities for real and lasting change in all areas of your life.


Personalized ‚ÄúHealing You‚ÄĚ Retreats with Horses


Imagine embarking on a transformative journey, entirely¬†dedicated to connecting with your dreams, unleashing your creativity, and embracing your authentic self‚ÄĒall while immersed in the wisdom of majestic horses.

The Personalized "Healing You" Retreat is an exclusive¬†opportunity designed for creative souls, visionaries, entrepreneurs, healers, and nature enthusiasts alike. It's your moment, right now‚ÄĒno waiting for tomorrow or someday‚ÄĒtoday is the day to embrace your fullest potential.¬†


Embark on a Transformative Coaching Journey with Gloria


Are you feeling stuck? Lacking clarity? Having a hard time setting boundaries? Unable to move forward in life due to your blind spots? Look no further! Gloria is here to help you break free from the patterns that are holding you back.

Often, the biggest obstacle to change is our own biases, expectations, and assumptions. But by embracing a non-traditional experience and adopting a non-judgmental orientation, we can reveal the truth about where our power lies. With Gloria's guidance, you'll experience a transformative shift that paves the way for real and lasting change.


Online Learning


It is our true nature to prosper in all ways by doing what we love. Yet, we develop/ have habitual thought and behavioral patterns that limit our ability to see and seize opportunities to prosper and create abundance in our lives. When we can remove this habitual lens and set in place new structures for life, we enable ourselves to create and seize opportunities for abundance and prosperity in all areas of our life.

Join with Gloria and create an understanding of consciousness to prosper and thrive doing what you love.

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to better understand what happens within humans that influences patterns of behavior and communication, especially when trauma impacts life. I particularly focus on identifying the structural patterns at play that created the repeating patterns of surviving that have outlived their usefulness to empower clients to begin to thrive in life. 

about nurturing relationships with horses. They remind us humans who we really are and support us to step fully into our life purpose. I want more humans to discover (through their own experience) how to be more horse-like and live in the now. That where the juice of life is.

with sound therapy and redox signaling molecules to essentially re-train the mind-body to become more efficient and effective. This strengthens neural connections and performance while reducing stress and auditory sensitivity. Which enhances social engagement and resilience for people. This can be beautifully combined with mind-body-spirit work, with or without the horses.

because they reflect people's inner landscape naturally. This highlights what influences the persons structural patterns of behavior and communication. They are powerful resonating beings, especially potent when trauma has impacted the persons life. 

to recognize more loving ways of relating to ourselves and others, and more flexible, authentic and effective models of communication and leadership in our families, workplaces, and communities.

to enable this radically different way of being accompanied to be accessible to all who seek it. I want ripples of this way of creating deep conscious change to go far and wide out into the world!


Gloria works with individuals, couples, families and groups supporting them to release patterns of surviving that have outlived their usefulness. Discover how to thrive in the present.  

You can participate in a variety of on-location workshops blending:
  • Equine-Guided Healing

  • Relational Neurobiology¬†

  • Resonance¬†Coaching

  • Structural Patterns
  • Nonviolent Communication ¬†(NVC)

Seeking community with other horse lovers, Gloria participated in an Equine Facilitated Learning workshop through Eponaquest Worldwide. Eager to increase her equine relationships she completed the Academy for Coaching with Horses certification in 2015-16 and the Advanced Facilitator certification in 2017.

Gloria’s herd has grown over the years to six majestic beings. Each has found their way to arriving uniquely, (from being rescued from slaughter to previous clients gifting Gloria with their beloved equine) the mystery of those journeys is enfolded into the experiential learning processes with the herd. Equine-Guided Healing  programs enable you to learn about yourself and others by stepping into the knowing field in relationship with horses. Building an enduring relationship with another being is healing, especially with a horse large or small. All healing is relational.


Any questions you may have are always welcomed. 

Crisis Services are available to those living on a limited income.

To make inquiries, or schedule an appointment, contact Gloria today.


Mind, Body, Emotion, and Spirit: Become Aware of your Whole Being


Our Mission

At Healing You Sanctuary we are dedicated to going beyond conventional methods, tapping into the wisdom of horses and the structural patterns of nature to help clients reconnect with their bodies, regulate their nervous systems, and release emotional blockages. Our mission is to create profound shifts in well-being and lasting healing for those we serve.

Join Gloria to experience one-on-one or group Equine-Guided Healing sessions, in the Spokane, WA area, learning easy tools to handle the day to day stresses which life can bring. 


Our Vision

Gloria Lybecker is a transformative leadership coach, guiding individuals on a journey of deep conscious change through a unique blend of equine-guided resonance coaching and constellation work. By harnessing the wisdom of horses and nature's patterns, she empowers clients to overcome challenges, release emotional blockages, and align with their true desires.

Her approach fosters a supportive community where like-minded individuals connect through group sessions, workshops, and online communities. Gloria's vision embraces the collective wisdom of horses and constellation work, amplifying the transformative journey towards lasting healing and well-being.


I trust the more you learn before we begin our time together, the more you will receive from the program and the deeper we can go into the learning and connection. If you are new to this type of work or the way of the horse, I request that you read:


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