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Take the first step towards unlocking your true potential with Gloria, embrace change, embrace growth, and embrace the life you've always dreamed of.

Uncover Your True Potential

Gloria Lybecker is here to support and guide you on your journey towards personal and professional growth. With her supportive mentorship, she empowers you to overcome obstacles, set meaningful boundaries, and uncover the hidden potential within you. Don't let your biases and assumptions hold you back any longer.


A Team Effort Towards Personal and Professional Growth

At Gloria Lybecker Coaching, your journey towards personal and professional growth is not just a weekly session. It's a collaborative effort between you and Gloria. Together, you'll work as a team to identify and understand the patterns and stories that are holding you back. By illuminating these structural patterns, you'll gain valuable insights that will empower you to move forward and progress in creating the life you would love to live.


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Experience the Power, of Equine-Guided Learning & Constellation Facilitation

One unique aspect of Gloria's coaching approach is the incorporation of partnering with horses. These sessions provide a transformative experience that goes beyond traditional methods. Horses have an innate ability to reflect our emotions and behaviors, offering valuable feedback and insights. Through this partnership, you'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself and develop the skills needed to navigate life with clarity and confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions


The session begins with a brief check-in, and then following body sensations with somatic empathy, to create an experience of resonance and fluidity, learning the deeper truths and longings that lie at the heart of the circumstances, while nurturing the growth of your compassionate self-witness.

​When needed, we will move back in time to resolve old trauma. In one-on-one sessions when the client wishes it, constellation work (with or without horses) is also available to support a deepening compassion for the entire family system.


$200 per 55-minute hour for one person (or 85 minutes, or 120 minutes)
$250 per 55-minute hour for two people or for couples work
$95 per person for 3 of more people for family sessions.

(discounts and sliding scale available)


I schedule clients Mondays through Thursdays, from 8am to 4pm Pacific time. I am currently scheduling sessions 2 weeks out. I request 24-hour notice of cancellation, or that you pay for your cancelled session. Other days and times available when needed and scheduled directly with Gloria. 




If you are working with single-incident trauma, you will experience a significant shift in reclamation of life energy from just one session.


If the patterns of how you treat yourself are due to unfamiliarity with self-compassion, it takes about eight months of weekly sessions to experience a significant shift. If you have a deeply embedded pattern of self-hatred, then the time period for a significant shift can be about 3-5 years. When combining session with Sound Therapy the time period can be shortened significantly.


Yes. Listen to your body’s wisdom. It will tell you how quickly you can move.