Are You Highly Sensitive?

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2020

Today I was thinking about the time in my life when everything felt really intense. I felt so much sensitivity to my environment. I would be told things like, “You are just way too sensitive, you need to chill out a bit.” Or, “Man, you are deep.” (like it was a bad thing) Or I was told, “Why do you work so hard? Why don’t you just relax and enjoy life?”

Those kinds of comments were bewildering to me. They didn’t resonate with my felt experience. What I want to reach out to all of you, if you resonate with this experience, is to acknowledge what is really possible when you have that level of sensitivity in your spirit. It’s a gift.

It’s possible to develop the capacity to stay present in each moment of your life, to the best of your ability. When you do that you are able to live life with an open heart. You recognize that your sensitivities are gifts, you are born with special gifts, that allow you to take in life in a radically different way.

Rather than being just a 5-sensory being, you are gifted to be a multi-sensory being. You absorb energy in a different way, the energy and information flow that surrounds all of life. You are able to enjoy stepping into those deep and meaningful conversations with other heart-centered people. And, that is very satisfying. You are able to grow those heart-connections with ease as you foster and nurture them, and you are nurtured by them as you grow community that gets you.

You love the opportunity to hold the sacred space for other beings, you recognize that it’s an honor that brings such joy to your heart and soul. The mindset that is being nurtured within you is that you revere life. There is a sweetness to it as you foster heart-connections with everyone you meet. You can see that each person has a unique soul and gift that they bring to the world.

So how do you get from that place of believing you are just too sensitive, too deep, and why don’t you learn how to chill and relax? To being empowered to live life large and on purpose and thriving in each of those moments of heart connections.

The skillset that is so helpful to develop this way of being in the world, is to develop your emotional awareness. Not just through your mind, it’s not just reading about it, it’s about having a practice that you embody deep within you.

Recognize that those sensitivities that you were born with are your birthright. They will support you as you are able to practice consistently with an empathy buddy noticing your sensations, noticing what emotion those sensations represent. Expand your window of welcome for all the different frequencies that life has to offer you.

Life is like a school, and in the school of life you can learn something each day from the inside out. If this resonates with you, then I encourage you to find somebody has the skill sets to practice with you, to nurture you and to foster you. Practice journaling about your experiences and noticing each day what life is teaching you and savor it.


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