Communicating with Horses

One of my favorite things to do is to go out in the paddock and be with my healing herd of horses. I really love having the opportunity to support others and facilitate their experience with the herd. There was a particularly touching experience recently.

Someone was really caught up with all the stories that spin around, and around, and around in their mind. This person would get worried that the stories would just take over, because when we have certain stories, we can start believing those stories are true. Even when they are not. 

Having a way to check in to the body’s wisdom, which supports us to come into what is true for us, is really helpful. It’s even more helpful when we are able to do this in the presence of a horse. 

Horses have such big hearts and such big guts and resonance; they are sentient beings who are acoustical. They are able to tune in to what is happening in the human and reflect that back, communicating in such a way that the human receives deep healing. This is a very body-centered approach that I like to invite people in to. 

As this person was standing in the paddock with the horses, I invited them to come into their body and to notice where their attention rested. The first place that they named out loud was their temples. Upon naming the temples one of the mares snorted really loud. They named there was a painful pressure there, and a tension that felt overwhelming. As they stayed with the sensations, they named the emotion of nervousness, the horse began licking and chewing, and the message they received was to be gentle with this story part. 

Coming into the body again, this time their awareness came to the back of their throat, a white horse came up to them placed its nose right at their throat. There was a moment of pausing, and they expressed that the initial soreness and feeling as if something was stuck, there was an opening. The message was to be open to trust, there was quite a shift right there. 

The next place the body’s wisdom went was to their left eye. There was a heat and a softness, with a sense of comfort, in their left eye, and the message they received was to relax. 

Continuing with the body sensations and noticing where their attention would rest, each of the horses would come in and work with them, as they continued to move this energy through their system. What they were receiving was that it’s alright to relax, and that when you feel calm it does feel very safe. Then the white horse came in again and put their muzzle right next to the person’s face and there was this shared breathing. 

As the person tuned in to the rhythm with the white horse, they could feel every cell in their body begin to relax, and to let go, and to be in calm. There was a deep alignment within their belly that it’s alright to trust, that it is safe to trust, and it is safe to name the unnamable and to be heard and received.

The takeaway that this one had was that they could choose to welcome any story with compassion, and they could bring back this memory of the white horse breathing with them, supporting them wherever they may be in time and space. To remember how to calm. 

One of the gifts that you receive when you are working with the horses, is that they stay with you. There is a heart connection that you feel, and even if you are on a different continent, that connection is still strong. It is still with you, it is still vibrant and will continue to unfold within your life story, your life experience. It is a gift from the Heart of the horse.


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