Don’t Want to Get Up?

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2020

Have you ever had a day when you woke up in the morning and you didn’t want to get up? You just wanted to lay there and snuggle in a little deeper and take the day off? This morning I felt that way.

I’ve been really focused on learning a new language, and it’s a language I didn’t really want to learn. Because it’s a language that has to do with new technology. Yet, the intention underneath learning the new technology is a powerful motivator. It’s learning how to use these different platforms online in order to provide more resources for more people. Especially for people like you and me! Now that’s a powerful motivator for me.

I remember when I was first reaching out for resources when the internet was just new. Back then it seemed like everything was pretty fast online. Now it’s even faster! To keep up with that new technology it takes some new skillsets. It makes me realize just how important it is to have reliable, consistent, support in all different walks of life.

So, I’m really grateful, and I’m going to give a shout-out to Chris Angell, for his willingness to walk alongside of me as I’m developing more of an online presence. He is such a huge support.

What I really appreciated was being able to be very honest and transparent about hitting a bit of a wall about technology! I felt like I’d stretched my mind so far that it couldn’t stretch any more. I was so relieved when I did make connections with him and I could discover new possibilities. I could have his accompaniment to walk alongside of me as I learned how to do some new things that I had never learned how to do yet.

I could start to be a little more gentle with myself and kinder to myself, and have a giggle at just how dismal I had been feeling. This also reminds me of my own Healing You Journey, and how it can be so stretching when we are growing and learning new things. Yet it is so worthwhile to allow ourselves to pace ourselves. So, learning how to pace with your own inner rhythm is so important. I find it to be so helpful when there is warm community that is walking alongside of you as you are learning to find your way and as you are discovering what’s possible.

So, it comes back full circle to when we feel like we’ve reached the end of ourselves, it’s important to have a place where you can reach out. You can get caught, and feel felt, and then you can start to breathe deeply again.


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