Embrace Your Authentic Self and Cultivate Lasting Connections

How do I know it’s possible to cultivate lasting relationships? Because this is my life's journey, the path that led me to where I am today. When I face uncertainty, I reach out for help without shame. I take the time I need to make decisions so that I can choose either a full yes or a full no. My voice matters in this world, and the way I show up influences others, especially my children and loved ones. I want to model authenticity and sincerity so they, too, can pay it forward in their lives.

I embrace this path because I understand that all my emotions make sense. Every single one of them matters, and it's crucial to dispel distortions that label some as "bad" or "wrong" while elevating others. It's essential to learn to listen to your body's wisdom. When your body contracts or withdraws, it's a signal to slow down and be present because life is truly for you.

Life can only seem against you when you're pretending to be someone you're not. So, how do you step into being fully, authentically yourself?

There are a few essential skills to cultivate. First, I highly recommend developing awareness of your body sensations and acquiring the language to articulate them, including your emotions and the values and needs underlying your actions.

The second step, though it may be challenging for some, is to connect with another person who can provide a safe space for you to practice this form of communication. A space where you can openly discuss your feelings, bodily sensations, emotions, and needs, receiving reflections with kindness and warmth.

I strongly encourage you to take these steps in your journey. Develop your awareness consciously, cultivate a language to express your emotions, and engage in the powerful practice of journaling. Also, connect daily with someone who can empathize and reflect with you as you walk this transformative path. 🌱


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