Experiencing A Loss of Freedom?

What’s it been like for you  with all the changes taking place in our world? Some of us are experiencing a loss of our sense of freedom. Others, even though there are restrictions placed upon them, they live in a place that allows them to experience more freedom of movement. 

Maybe you have new learning curves because you need to work from home, if you still have a job. If you don’t have a job, then you are learning how to be at home without your normal routine. There are new learning curves for all of us in many different ways. 

Maybe you are finding that there is not enough support when you need it. It could be as simple as something went wrong with your computer and you’re at home without an IT person to help you, and you have to sort it out on your own. Or maybe you have a partner at work who got scared, locked themselves down at home and refuse to help at all, out of fear. 

Maybe it feels like there is a lot of weight on your shoulders being responsible for your employees making a living and providing for their families. You are doing your best to make it work, and you’re getting stressed. 

Stress can affect out system in so many different ways. Some of us might break out with a rash, or hives, our body is literally saying this is too much! Others of us turn to coping mechanisms that are not best for our health and wellbeing. We can become compulsive, attempting to soothe our system. 

Well, when we take the time to slow our experience down, to get out of our head and into our body, into our heart space, we begin to experience Presence. We expand our capacity to stay present even in the face of stress. Through that experience and being accompanied to get to know our own body’s wisdom, receiving energetic support, we are empowered to make requests. To invite others to contribute to our lives. We can then empower others to step into being the leader they were created to be, and we can grow those ripples of support in our world.


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