Feeling Alone In the World?

Have you ever felt completely and utterly alone in the world? Where your experience is one that there was just a lack of tangible support available to you. For some of us our body contracts, our stomach can hurt, and there is a kind of collapse in our system. Then, our thoughts can become dark and it’s like slipping into a void. 

I’ve had that happen to me before. It was not pleasant, nor was it comfortable. Yet, what I know is possible is to seek out accompaniment. So let me tell you a story.  

I reached out to my empathy buddy to have a check in. We hadn’t checked in with one another in a while, and I described what it was like to be me. Then, I asked if they could offer me some resonate support.  

One of the things that was guessed was, “Do you wish that an angel could come down from heaven right to where you are. Standing beside you, they would gently place a hand on your shoulder and acknowledge that “It’s true; you do not have corporate funding and you don’t have a pension to rely upon.”  

“It’s also true,” the angel says turning you to look to the other side, “that you have a heart of love and devotion, that you have dedicated to your children, especially your youngest son. And, out of that heart of compassion, you have developed your life’s work.” 

When I heard this, and I felt this, and I experienced this deep within my sense of self, my body softened and I came in touch with a source of inspiration awakening me to recognize who I have been created to be. 

Rather than that being an impossible dream guess, it was a dream come true. This person is like an angel in my life and they have known me for years. Sometimes when we falter, we need those strong relationships to remind us who we really are.  

So, it’s important to acknowledge the shadows. Not to make them wrong, or to stay within them in the contraction. But to also see them in the light of the truth of who you are.  

The first step, for me, is to notice my body sensations, this is where all of the energy and information flow begins. To recognize them and to name my experience out loud.  


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