I Will Push Through No Matter the Cost to Myself

There has been a lot of anxiety that goes around; with any transition, seasonally, a new year, starting a new job, or new neighbors. There are so many different ways that we can experience transitions in our life.

I was working with a client the other day and they were noticing how they’d get really busy leading up to any kind of an event. That it had actually become a way of life. They were noticing just how much getting anxious affected their body.

Not only did if affect their body, it also affected their thoughts, how they would speak to themselves and what they would tell themselves. They uncovered what they would do is tell themselves, “I will not relax. I will be responsible for getting everything done, even though I might suffer just a minute, I will keep on plowing through.”

Underneath that there were some shadow beliefs; I don’t have a choice. I don’t have support, there is a complete lack of support. So, acknowledging the need for spaciousness, the need for choice.

They recognized they were doing this - in order to be perfect – so that their mom and dad would be happy. It went way back in time to their younger self and it had become a pattern, a way of life.

As the youngest of a pretty large family they’d grown up with a feeling of being in debt for even being alive. So, they made this vow to themselves to just stay really busy and push through, plow through, in order to not feel the pain of not mattering and experiencing a lack of presence in their life.

As they were able to move through the process and release this vow, they received the blessings to actually physically stop. To allow themselves to experience being welcomed with warmth and soothing.

The authentic action they are taking to follow through is to create a little corner for themselves where they will have a blanket, and some essential oils that will bring in a fragrance of soothing. The blanket also brings in a sense of warmth, care and nurturance. It’s a real tangible authentic action.

There was a complete transformation you could see on this one’s face. As they went from this high anxiety to this ease of relaxation and mattering. The beauty of the needs there are inspiring me to really be paying attention to how my body is serving me, and, how am I taking care of my body. It’s a reciprocal relationship that we all need to be able to develop, and model for those we love and care for. By caring for ourselves first.


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