Learning to Recognize Energy in Motion

There have been times in my life when life seemed to have a particular pattern, that I’d forget it’s possible for something different to occur. Let me share an example.

I remember one morning several years ago I heard the movement of our son coming from the other room,  at the time, I felt it was incredulous when I turned and saw him. There he stood; with a slight grin on his face, holding his dog in his arms, and... his sound therapy headset on his head! 

Throughout the day he was energetic;  he literally bounced around the house, sang to himself as he cleaned and organized his room, smiled often, attended to his chores, and engaged in conversations which quickly changed from topic to topic. (Identifying my child’s natural movement and tendencies is an important step in understanding and honoring his true nature.)  

“Wow! Look at you this morning!” I exclaimed, with surprise and delight registering in my tone of voice and facial expression.  

With a big grin he replied, “Well, I just decided that the day does go better when I choose to use my iLs, (Integrated Listening System) so that’s what I’m doing!”   

Then again the next day, first thing in the morning (even before breakfast) I found him sitting in his dad’s recliner listening to his sound therapy without being asked for the second day in a row!  

“What?” I asked in awe, “Are you kidding me?” And, I smiled broadly.  

All I received as a response from him was a gorgeous wide smile and twinkling eyes shining back at me with pure joy and pleasure.   

I found myself marveling at this radical transformation as I reflected on how our son was showing up in the world. Gratitude and joy overflowed from my heart, and my face beamed with the light of love as I breathed in a deep, awe inspired, inhalation.  

To really appreciate this radical change in my son, let me rewind time with you. About 3 months before, Rylan was experiencing more intense symptoms of distress; internal heat, which intensified when emotionally knocked off balance. He also experienced increased muscle aches and pains, and he “flipped his lid” (temporarily lost his ability to link separate areas of his brain to one another) several times a day. 

I knew there was definitely something new happening under the surface of his experience, and his dad and I searched for alternative ways to support him. I brought our findings to our son’s physician and made a request to begin the process of Rylan’s current medication slowly being decreased, while we increased natural healing methods at home. After some engaged discussion, he agreed! 

Rylan’s daily practice included; natural supplements, sound therapy, energy exercises combined with grounding (also known as earthing) limited screen time, and increased relational time with friends and family. 

Our journey was one of ongoing learning on how to expand the energies of love and presence, while mindfully slowing time down using the tool of interoception. Interoception is the capacity of the mind to focus awareness on the internal state of the body. We also developed our capacities to tune into the energetic frequencies which created our relationships. 

As a family we had fun tapping into energy and information flow in such a profoundly new way - a way that honored both our son’s, and our own, unique energy types. 

Our daily practices continued over time to increase our abilities to remain more consistently open-hearted in our one-on-one relationships, and as a family. I personally discovered that implementing energy techniques with compassion in the moment of arousal, turned our differences into strengths and our areas of stagnation into renewal.


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