Lessons in Compassion and Connection

The holiday season can be a unique journey, full of unexpected moments and precious lessons. I remember once years ago as I navigated shopping with my son, I couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming commercialism that surrounded us.

The sensory overload, the constant temptation to buy impulsively – it can be challenging, especially when impulse control is a struggle. I found myself caught in moments of shame and frustration as my son yearned for things in the store. But in those moments, I've learned something profound.

It's about redefining the shopping experience. I asked my son if he'd like to go "window shopping" with me, to simply enjoy the sights and not make any purchases. His enthusiasm was heartwarming. We explored the store, and when he saw something he really wanted, we examined it closely, read the details, and talked about it.

And then, a pivotal moment. As he desperately wanted an item, he witnessed another family happily buying it. The longing in his eyes was palpable. He felt torn, overwhelmed by the desire for instant gratification.

But instead of giving in, I empathized with his struggle. I recognized the magnitude of his feelings, the sense that this moment might never end. And I simply said, "I'd buy you the world if I could."

He sighed deeply as we moved on, and he found a way to regulate himself by exploring men's accessories. It was a beautiful moment of self-regulation and resourcefulness. I acknowledged and celebrated his choice with him, and we continued our window shopping adventure.

This experience reminds me of the power of compassionate curiosity – not only toward our loved ones but also toward ourselves. Expecting the unexpected and embracing it without judgment empowers us to stay present in the face of unpredictability.

I want the world to be a nurturing place not just for my son, but for all children, and it starts with me, his mom, choosing enduring connection wherever we are, even in the most challenging moments. 💕


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