Losing Track of Time

Have you ever gotten so caught up in a project that time is just gone, and all you are is consumed, just focusing on this project? All of the different details, all of the new things you are learning, discovering how to apply them so that everything can all come together beautifully! And, then all of a sudden you realize that you are exhausted! Maybe you forgot to eat your lunch, you haven’t been drinking enough water, maybe you missed an appointment and you’re like, “What the heck is going on here!”

Well, that’s been this week in my life folks! I have been really focused on a project and I’m very excited about this project. I’m launching a free 5-part video series that invites people that resonate with The Healing You Method to explore and get a taste of it, and to explore what their next steps might be.

So there has been a lot of complexity and it has been a very fun journey because it has been stretching me to grow from the inside out. To create a course that is based on my own life lessons. At first, and at times off and on, it feels a little intimidating! I can get a little scared and nervous until I remember who I really am, why I am here, and what my truth is. I know that when I speak from my heart, what my truth is, I can trust that will resonate with those that share my values. They get me! That brings me back into my center.

Yet, just a couple days ago I kind of found the end of me. I realized that I was burning the candle at both ends. Because I was so excited about what I was doing, my SEEKING circuitry got so lit up, and I was receiving dopamine pumps from that. Now that feels really nice, until you stop doing your SEEKING and it catches up with the rest of your body. You recognize that you are just exhausted.

So, I’ve taken a couple of days to nurture myself, to take care of myself. I used my essential oils, I do my energy exercises, I do my stretches, and I come back to my daily practices. The practices that I have been learning in life and consistently staying in relationship with myself. Noticing what it’s like to be me, and remembering to stay present in this moment, in order to live life large! I keep stepping, those little baby steps, into creating my dream into a reality.

If you ever get so caught up in a project that you’re passionate and excited about and you lose all track of time, I invite you to begin a practice that I am now choosing to do myself; to set a little timer periodically through your day, maybe every hour, to get up and stretch. Do a little walk about, to have your body get some movement, drink a tall glass of water. Take time to smile and look about to recognize everything you are grateful for.

I find that when I take time to be present in that way, when I go back to my project, I actually have more fuel, more life in me to give to my project. In fact, that’s what I’m doing right now writing this blog for you. I’m taking a break and sharing the lesson life has taught me today. I hope it is meaningful for you!


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