Reclaiming Our Birthright: A Journey to Wholeness with Horses

It is our birthright to live our lives whole… Many of us today don't feel completely whole, as if we are not all here. When we become aware of this, we can open to the possibility of reclaiming what we once enjoyed, and with support recover our soul - the vital essence of our life.  

What can cause this sense of loss or emptiness within? For many it is the result of trauma; a part of our essence separated from us in order to survive.  In an overwhelming experience our body supported us to escape the full impact of debilitating pain so we forgot the experience. In doing so, we also forgot who we truly are, and our sense of self was replaced by projections imprinted on us by others; family, authority figures, and peers, to name a few. 

It is possible to receive support, to remember who we truly are, and why we were born into this world. It is our birthright to live our lives whole and help others to do the same. That is our passion here at Healing You Sanctuary.

When we authentically interact with horses, we are given an opportunity to glimpse life from a radically different perspective. Because horses easily tune into our inner state of being, they accompany us to reclaim our own emotional truth; what we feel is what they see.

The reason the horse is such a gifted teacher for us is because he doesn't need an inner voice. He doesn't think in words at all. He senses. He experiences the simple energy of an emotional state of being, infusing meaning into every gesture and glance, into every single body movement, giving each movement nuances of tone, inflection, and value. 

When healing happens with horses, the flow of synchronicity can feel both majestic and miraculous, this experience can leave you marveling with wonder and gratitude.


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