Resentment Is Ripe For Healing

Have you ever come home at the end of a long day, walk into your kitchen and see that it’s a mess? What’s that like for you?
I was working with a client the other day and this was an experience they had; walking into the kitchen and finding it a big mess. They experienced intense frustration and anger, their head felt like it was spinning and there was a clenching in their gut. The thoughts running through their mind were, “I just can’t believe that I have to do this again? Why do I have to be the one that always cleans everything up?” The outcome was a sense of resentment, a burning deep inside. They felt they had no support and were all alone.
Slowing it all down to uncover some of the shadow beliefs; “I am all alone. I can’t trust myself. Life is a struggle. I’m not important. I don’t matter.” They were feeling very powerless. Slowing down right there to receive some acknowledgment around what it’s like to have that enormity rise up within them.
Slowing down to be in the heart and ask, “What is ready for healing?” The astonishment is when we are open to receiving what is ready for healing, when they could welcome that, this one went back in time to when they were just a child. They were going for a long drive to go see their grandparents. Their family didn’t have extra money to buy special things, but when they pulled over at the gas station their parents gave them some money to go in and buy a pop. This was a really big surprise! They went inside, bought a pop, came back out and gave the change to their dad.
Their dad asked, “Where’s the rest of the money?”
They answered, “That’s all they gave back.”
To which the dad replied, “That’s just too expensive, you take that back in there and get the money back.”
The experience for this child was crushing, humiliating and shaming. They went from such excitement to such lowness and shame, to take that pop back in and get the money back. This experience had been buried pretty deep. Not having support. Life is a struggle. I don’t matter. No wonder these beliefs were running within this person. To be able to have some consideration and care, just acknowledging the needs for thoughtfulness, no wonder they were falling into the sense of resentment and rage, wanting to punch things.
They were taking these actions from unconscious programs within them from that traumatic experience to protect themselves from the internal pain of being disempowered. In order to never be disempowered again.
Being supported to slow down and hear that contract inside and ask their Essential Self if they heard the contract, and then are they ready to release it. From there they can receive a blessing. To bless this child-self with strength, consistent wisdom, to be just, generous and calm. To be blessed to know they are important, that they are the One, they make a difference in the world. They are empowered.
To sit with that and feel that, deep inside, to notice what that is like. The body had a very gentle relaxation release. Then there was a sense of clarity and empowerment that comes from that.
The lesson here is to recognize when we have these really strong reactions in life, it’s an opportunity to slow down and be with our inner experience, in order to have a new experience. One that supports us to stay open hearted rather than closing down.
Resentment can be very powerful to diminish who we really are. When we have the courage to have the inner exploration and bring in the Light, we can be in relationship with others in that resonate field. That’s where the healing unfurls.

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