Time and Aging

I want to talk with you today about aging. Aging is something we do from the moment we come into this world. When we are really little we just can’t wait until we are older. There are so many things that we are looking forward to and time seems to stand still when you are young. 

I remember as a kid, when I got 30-minutes to go play, it felt like forever! Well, these days, 30-minutes seems to go by pretty darned quick. 

There are other things that come along with aging, as you get in the older years of aging that is. Maybe you start to notice you have more body aches and pains. I know I have, riding a horse isn’t as easy as it used to be, but it is still really fun. 

Maybe you have less energy and find you need to have your siestas mapped out for yourself. Or, maybe you are noticing you have more wrinkles, or grey hairs, or maybe you dye it. 

There can be so many different things that change in our lifetime. You know, what is possible, when we are able to stay in relationship with ourselves, as well as with others, we can learn to listen to our body and honor our bodies wisdom. 

To rest when you need to rest, to be intentional with your exercise and your diet. To really notice, how does it serve your body? Sometimes things might taste really great, yet, it’s important to be able to know how whatever you ingest is going to impact your body in the long run. In a sense we become what we eat, and it truly does impact us. 

I know I have found it to be so important to have good, clear water, lots of water. Not pure, because purity would remove the minerals that are important for us to have. We are actually made up of mostly water.

What is helping me a lot is to be very intentional when I wake up. There is something that I do that Donna Eden recommends, she offers Eden Energy Medicine, which is starting my day with the 4 thumps. 

You start by thumping the points right under your eyes, I use three fingers to be sure I’m tapping the meridian point. This helps to wake our system up. The next place you tap in on the K27, this is located right underneath where your collar bone is. Tap with some good force. The next is your thymus, which is right on your sternum, this supports your immune system. I know when I caught a cold and it took a couple of months for my system to clear it out. So, I became intentional with the energy medicine in order to boost my immune system. The last place is your spleen points, under the center of your breasts. The spleen is important to flush the toxins out of your body.

Just doing that I feel so much more energized and alive and alert. I do that before I get out of bed in the morning, and it makes such a difference for the rest of my day.

Notice, what do you like doing, what do you really enjoy? Begin to set things out for yourself to look forward to. One of the things I discovered I wanted to be able to do for myself was to let myself start singing again. So, practicing that for 15 minutes every day, just because I like to sing. Then maybe I’ll sing for 20 minutes the next week, or maybe for 25, but to start to build and grow that which I really enjoy. To cultivate that in this world.

I encourage you to recognize the direction that you would like to move in with more and more expansiveness, and then give yourself permission to exist in whatever it is that you are doing, or however you are being. 

The practice of acknowledging what is, is a powerful one. Be kind to yourself today.


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