Unbridle Your Courage: How Equine Facilitated Growth and Healing Can Help You Face Life's Challenges.

What are two challenges you face moving forward? I have always wanted to learn how to drive a horse; my heart’s desire came true with Diva, at a Mindful Horsemanship Program several years ago. 

I remember stepping into the arena to stand behind Diva, I gathered the long reins in my hands, and prepared to move out.     

“What is your intention?” My coach asked.   

“I’ll move out to the right and pause by the big barrel, then make a big circle moving from right to left coming back down through the center of the arena.”  

“Want to step it up a notch?” she asked with a grin as she stood the big barrel up and moved small barrels to stand parallel in the center of the arena.   


“What are two challenges you face as you move forward with your vision?”  

“Hmm…” I thought for a moment, “being available for my 15-year-old son, whom I home-school, and feeling confident as I step out locally to be seen and known in my community as a valuable resource.”   

“Okay, which station represents your son and which represents confidence stepping out?”   

“The big barrel represents my son and the two smaller barrels in the center represent confidence stepping out.”   

I paused, mindfully took a belly breath, and straightened my posture. “Up!” I cued Diva with my voice, clicked my mouth and jiggled the reins. Slowly she shifted her weight and moved out to the right. Just like learning to drive a car, I over-corrected, now she moved to the left, back and forth I consistently over-corrected. “E-gads!” I clamored inside as a fog began to cloud my mind and tension crept into my shoulders. Slowing myself down inside I took a few deep belly breaths, and consciously lowered my shoulders. I noticed my body position in relationship to Diva and brought my body back into alignment behind her and centered in the power of my 3rd chakra.   

Again, I called out “Up, Diva!” What a difference! As we moved out I felt a distinct shift in my energy and in relationship with Diva, we felt connected energetically.   

“W-h-o-a…” we paused by the big barrel and I mindfully connected to the one who is my son, I recognized the importance of acknowledgment. How much it means to take the time to pause and check-in with the ones I love and BE in relationship with them, especially when I am shifting and changing my schedule in life. 

That pause had a time-less quality to it, stretching out energetically to capture the freedom of space and time, no pressure, no hurry, resting in my heart, centered in my values. Acknowledgement of how much I love my boy AND acknowledgment of how much I love partnering with Horse!   

I felt ready to step out as a valuable resource in the world as I jiggled the reins, “Up, Diva!”(I heard more energy in my own voice and Diva responded with a softer feel!) Half-way around the circle our synchronized movement was fueled and empowered with a rejuvenating confidence. My steps felt stronger and the sensation flowed up my legs and back, down my arms, into my belly, up my chest, and out my eyes. Wow - everything looked brighter, fresher, and more colorful as we stepped through the second station of barrels.  We had found our flow together! Inspired by confidence we didn’t slow down, we looped out and circled back and stopped in the center claiming “Confidence.” My skin tingled from head to toe.   

That experience is imprinted into my being-ness, and continues to unfold in miraculous ways. When I returned home to my son, I noticed more opportunities to slow down and check-in with him, and to rest in the space that represented our relationship with confidence.  

Thank you, Diva.

Thanks for being on the journey with me today, Healing You.



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