Unlocking the Power of Your Mind and Body: The Secret to Wealth and Health

Why do wealth and health so often intersect for wise people? And how can you become one of them? If you could be paid to do what you love – what would you be being paid to do? Notice the first image or thought that springs up. How does that feel in your body?

Are you aware that in many ways your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, visualizations, and aspects of your spiritual life like prayer and meditation, can change the energy field of your body in a way that affects your gene regulation? And the genes most readily affected by them are your stress genes. The wealthiest and best-informed people have had access to this kind of information many years ahead of the general public.

The connection between unresolved emotional trauma and disease is one of the most well-established links in medicine today. Yet new research reveals that when a subject vividly recalls a past trauma, and then applies an energy therapy, the emotional trauma attached to the memory often dissipates instantaneously, and doesn’t return. When you change your energy field, you change at a cellular level too. 

Remember when you were a kid, and when you changed where you were holding a magnet, the iron filings would quickly follow straight-away? This is a great metaphor for our energy fields and body. When you change your energy field, your magnet, the cells in your body are directly affected. 

Our cells are the same as the iron filings! By being willing to allow any emotionally traumatic events to be held within a depth-empathy process can open the way for any stuck energy to move freely back into the flow, which is like changing the magnets.

So, what is the link between healing our emotional wounds and living from our souls? When we’re pulled this way and that way by our emotional reactions to triggering events, our attention is compulsively absorbed in them. The emotional sound track of the up and down waves can leave us little time to reflect, to envision, to discover, and to create.

Our stress response, the “fight, flight, or freeze system”, is engaged any time we’re adversely emotionally triggered. When we’re stressed, a cascade of hormones floods our body, from adrenaline to cortisol, preparing us for emergencies that may never even occur.

Just imagine what your life might look like if you could leave behind the stresses you experience today.  Because when stress disappears, the stress hormone cortisol drops, you feel better, and you discover you’re capable of a whole new level of functioning! 

You have increased openness to abundance; you see new ways of delivering value to other people, and making money doing what you love! The well of joy and creativity can well up within you, empowering you to create the life of your dreams.

When our ears aren’t filled with the prattle of reactivity and the harshness of lack mentality, our life becomes free of stress-generated automated actions and the need to repair multiple ruptures in relationships. Then the still, small voice of our soul can be heard. 

The music of the universal orchestra becomes clearer and louder in the silence created by the absence of the emotional anguish, and we are able to follow the whispering of our soul and live in divine harmony with others.

Learning to go inside to hear our own answers, to connect with our body’s wisdom and our own divinity, opens the door to Knowing. Listening inwardly is essential if we are going to shift. Compassion is the key. 

Compassion includes tolerance of our humanity, and acceptance of what is inside us—both the dark and the light. Learning to forgive ourselves, to be conscious, aware and gentle with ourselves is vital. When we learn how to do that internally, we are empowered to offer it externally to others as well.


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