What Inspires You?

What is it that wakes you up in the morning that you are excited about and looking forward to experiencing in your life?

The flip of that is what knocks you off balance? What shifts your focus and you find you are no longer on track or feeling that sense of inspiration or resourcefulness.

Maybe you find that an old pattern comes up and life is more like a drudgery. It’s like, “Oh no, it’s a Monday again.” Maybe you notice that your health begins to deteriorate, and you have a lowered immune system and you catch the sniffles or a cough. Then you start hearing this negative chatter that circles around and around in your head and you start noticing everything that is off. It’s no fun and you get grumpy about it all. Then you get low energy, lethargic and a lack of motivation, and then it’s oh my gosh, how did I get here? Am I here again?!

Well, that’s been a repeating chapter in my life that I’m thankfully beginning to recognize sooner, than later.

I noticed as I was going into the fall, that I was very highly motivated. I was very excited about what I’m doing and my life’s work. Just loving my life. It’s a good life. When the weather changed and got colder, there’s something that happens for all of us at different seasons in our life. When we can slow down and start to notice those patterns, we can begin to interrupt them with grace.

When I notice that I have that negative loop going around, and I’m feeling exhaustion or I’m just tired of everything and can’t even think what to cook for dinner anymore because I feel like I’ve cooked it all! Then I recognize that I’m lacking my inspiration. Where did my inspiration go?

Well, my inspiration is still here, it’s my attention that redirected me. Because where I place my attention that’s where my energy is going to follow. Am I paying attention to my attention with intention? It is important. It is important for me.

Because when I notice what inspires me; for instance, being in a group of others that are sharing interests and are inspired to make a difference in our world. I love getting to be with this group of others. I heard my friend, Chris, say to find your stream of inspiration and to know your stream of inspiration. This brought up into my mind one of my inspirations.

When I started on my journey, really digging deep, getting to know my roots, my foundation of who I am in this world. I was inspired to design two trees. These trees are my version of two paradigms we can view life through. One paradigm is fear based rooted in scarcity and lack, and that’s the place when I got knocked off balance where I found myself.

The other tree is love based, rooted in Life and abundance. When I drew this tree out these was Living Water that nourished the roots which represent all the beautiful universal needs, we all share in humanity.

When I’m able to slow down and notice what I’m telling myself and notice I’m in the tree of scarcity, in those branches I’m judging everything, I’m denying responsibility, I think I deserve better than this, or I’m making demands of myself or others. I’m implying wrongness or blaming people. Or myself. As I begin to hear that, it’s a call for me to come back to my heart with compassion. To slow time down and start to unpack what am I needing. What am I not paying attention to that is really calling for my attention? The sooner I can notice that, the sooner I can come back to my heart, the sooner I can get back to being who I really am.

I can be rooted in my stream of inspiration, loving what I do. I like that. When I recognize that it’s possible to recognize the patterns that are automatic. I can recognize them with compassion and understanding. I immediately feel an empowerment, a rejuvenation of my soul from deep inside. My energy comes up automatically, and the voice that accompanies me is gentle, kind, and loving. Then I’m inspired again.


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