When Fear Gets Contagious

There has been a lot of talk about the pandemic here, and there is a lot of anxiety that is coursing through our world. It’s really pervasive. Everything is closing down, everything is changing, and patterns aren’t the same. That fear that can be sparked, can be contagious. People getting worried about catching it. Whether it is catching the virus or catching the fear, it’s about getting caught and having no way out. This increases so much more stress in our body’s system and that reduces our immune system. 

I also want to acknowledge that I have witnessed so many beautiful posts, emails, so many hearts are opening up and there is a deeper self-connection happening. As we are able to connection in this way, from our hearts, we are inspired to reach out to others. To reach out a helping hand in any way that we are empowered to. 

We are learning that it is possible to, even now, slow down and enjoy life. Maybe connecting with the arts; painting, coloring, or neural art (I recommend Olga Nguyen’s classes.) You could take time to be in nature; take a walk in the woods, be with your pet, spend time with your family and reach out to others by making phone calls and send texts or emails. Write a letter or send someone a card! There are so many ways that we can be with life. 

My favorite way is to slow down and dwell within my heart. By dropping into my heart space and feeling my inner sensations in my belly, my chest, my throat and my face I get in touch with all the different areas where my Vagus Nerve connects. That’s our social engagement system, and it is strengthened in this way. 

Tune in to Life, tune in to BE with Life, breathe deep and bring that oxygen in, it supports every cell of your being. Begin to relax into trusting That Which Holds Us All. Savor your relationships, it begins with yourself, being kind, warm and relational. This way of being soothes that inner fear, that anxiety. It allows you to live in the present moment, so treasure each moment, moment by moment.


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