When Life Does Not Make Sense

At the end of the evening I find it a good time to reflect back over the last week, and even back over my life. To recognize where I am on this journey of my life. I was thinking back to earlier on in my journey, where I found myself in a karmic loop. Where life just didn’t seem to make sense. It wasn’t unfolding in the way I believed it was going to. I was having tough time understanding what I might do differently. I would fall into the place of feeling hopeless, blah, and all alone on my journey. 

I was lonely and really needing community, others that would get me and feel what I would feel. I felt very overwhelmed by all of the perceived pressures in my surroundings, wondering why life was happening the way it was. It just didn’t make sense. 

Well, that was in my 20’s and 30’s, and as I continued on my journey, I found on my path some bridges; other souls that could meet me right where I was. They helped to collaboratively create a bridge over this chasm of life not making sense to new possibilities. 

It wasn’t always easy, life is a journey, and that was part of my discovery. To recognize that my life is an ongoing journey. There will always be something new that I can learn, when I willing to be open to that learning. Instead of wanting life to be different than it is. 

I began to have a wider vision and I could begin to see things I couldn’t see before. I could see details that were now being illuminated that seemed to be in the dark before. I began to trust that it’s possible to live my life from my heart, with what I value leading my way. It’s also possible that I can share that, I can share my truth with others that open and receptive to hearing and would like to journey along with me. 

So, I grow a community with others where we share values and a way of being in this world. We are supportive in this community; we are warm and caring and compassionate. We are able to identify the different cultural conditioning that can permeate our schools, our homes and our workplaces. We can have compassionate understanding around those perceptions, without buying into them. 

So, how do we do this? How do we traverse that chasm where we need that bridge to be built? Well, we can recognize that we are complex beings. Actually, spiritual beings having a human experience. We can have the mindset that recognizes that when I take the time to slow down, I’m mindfully laying down new neural pathways within my being that I make sense. I make sense, the world makes sense, and even those that don’t share my point of view make sense. And passion and purpose inspire everything I do. It inspires my next breath. 

I would like to invite you, if you resonate with my life’s journey, sharing where I’ve been and where I’m going, to begin to recognize your own patterns inside of you. When recognizing those patterns, part of it is listening to how you talk to yourself. Listening to your own inner chatter that can loop around, even noticing the way you talk when you are speaking with others. Notice your choice of words, without judgement, simply noticing what it is you are creating with your words, with your language. When you notice what you are saying, silently or verbally, notice what’s happening in your body. Begin to develop a language of sensation. As you notice your sensations, name them out loud and notice what happens inside. 

If you are willing to do that, then also take the time to write it out. Journal it, track it. It can be a mindfulness practice that you begin each day with. Journaling down your patterns, journaling your inner talk, and journaling your sensations and naming it. Notice what that is like for you. What are the needs you are meeting when you do this? What are you creating? What pathways are you laying down?


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