When Life Seems Impossible

Have you ever thought life seems impossible? Maybe you’ve been in a situation and you feel expected to conform to the world? To the pattern the world has laid out right in front of you. And, if just feels impossible. There are so many layers of impossibility that it staggers the mind.

When you slow down to be in your experience, does it feel like there is a watery abyss that is deep inside? I want to note that the element of water represents emotions. So, when things feel really impossible, it’s most likely, because we are not allowing ourselves to abide in whatever emotional flavor is happening for us in the moment.

When we can begin to slow down and notice our pattern; our thoughts that feel impossible. When we can be with that and feel what it’s like in our being; to be with that without judgement, but simply acknowledging what it feels like to be you. Right now. Breathe into that, breathe into your heart-space.

When we are empowered to do that it is possible not to buy into the story that’s running us in the moment. To acknowledge, yes, it does feel impossible; it feels stretching, and I’m at my edges. I would really like some ease, and support, clarity and understanding. Just naming those, the beauty of those, what it’s like to experience that, begins to allow that journey of the emotional abyss to be held by Spirit, by the energy of that which holds us all.

We get to begin that transformational journey where it’s through being with the inner experience that we notice it begins to shift and change. We can come back to that original trigger we had and notice; when it seems impossible, now what happens in my body? Oh, there’s a deeper breath right now, it’s not so tight in my chest. Just being with. That invitation is so simple, and so sweet.

The opportunity is it is possible to be with our life experience, even when it feels impossible, by slowing it down and allowing that transformation to begin to germinate from deep within us, by the light of Spirit. We begin to have a closer look; we begin to see what is reflecting back to us. We can see our own heart.

One of the things I want to share is that when we can acknowledge right where we are, really honestly, and ground ourselves in our Roots of Connection getting self-connected, then it opens us up expansively. Research shows that we can then see wider, we can hear more clearly, we can sense, smell, taste, everything just opens up inside, when we take the time to come back inside for self-connection. That empowers us.

Be empowered to take authentic action that is in alignment with your values. What’s most important? What are the essential few things that are most important? When you take time to be with and in your experience, it allows something new to emerge.


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