Working with Fear and Anger

Fear and anger can be really powerful forces. When I’ve worked with people, and taken time to do my own inner work, a discovery that I’ve made is any time that I’ve had an anger reaction, when I can slow it down I unpack it, I discover there was a fear right underneath it that started the cascade of emotional reaction within me. Depending on what our life experience has been, that can look really different for all of us. 

I was working with someone the other day, and they noticed that this fear came up really quickly, and right on its heels there was an anger. Just a feisty anger and so much of it. Then, there would be a complete shut down right after that.  

As we took time with this, and went into the process of Healing You, there was an image that came up of a small child within that had a sense of heaviness and wanted to cry. There was no comfort, no soothing available. As we rode the wave of this energy there was a memory of big people and lots of anger and lots of harm being done. As a small child, they were being just as quiet as a mouse, in order to not have that anger directed at them. 

So, in those expressions, we could begin to hear the whispers of an unconscious contract that was beginning to emerge for healing. It went something like, “I, little one, solemnly swear to my Essential Self that anytime there is a proclamation, or a struggle with people arguing, or a perception that someone might be rude and strong energy enters the room, I will not speak up even when I sense something, or I would like something different. I will diminish myself. In order to keep it from getting bigger, or worse, or blowing up, and to not bring more attention to the situation or to be harmed. No matter the cost to myself of those I love.” 

Taking the time to drop into the body and just notice where that energy was lying within, in the heart space. Then asking the Essential Self of this person, “Did you hear the contract this little one made to you? Is it one that you like?” 

For them to be able to hear it, and to hear it from the child, from that little one’s perception it made total sense. But no, it was not life serving. So, the Essential Self says, “I release you from this contract and I revoke this vow, and I bestow upon you my blessing in its place.  

I bless you to speak with grace, to speak precisely and with care, directing conversations to heart connection and compassionate understanding. To be empowered to translate any expression and reveal the beauty of the needs that actually lie there within their hearts.  

To step into the courage of who you are created to be. With resilience to stay present in relationship with yourself, and with others, even in groups. And to know how much you matter and the value and impact your way of being ripples out in the world. So then really taking in that gift and noticing what that is like.  

They found an image of themselves; they were given it as a gift from an older cousin, and it really captured this small child. So, taking time to be with this smaller self, from the new perception of our older self, when we time-travel like this we bring compassionate understanding to our own life experience. It’s a miracle. We are freed up, it’s like we can have new skin. We can have a new space around us to begin to see life in completely new ways that we never, ever, noticed before. That is truly a gift.  


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