Harnessing the Power Within: Exploring the Three Archetypes of Strength through Equine Facilitation

Jun 09, 2023

Did You Know that the Horse is the Totem Animal for Power?

When you reflect on “Power” what are all the different energies you have around it? Grace, balanced, soft, strength, sensitive, listens, and wisdom spring to my mind as I reflect on power that is life-serving. Whereas doubting, dominant and force spring to mind reflecting on power that does not serve life well. 

As a power animal, horse, is primarily a message carrier and often supports people to traverse "gateways" in their lives. They are connected with the power and responsibility that comes from exercising authority, and the wisdom necessary to utilize it in a balanced way. On an emotional level, horse is connected with the beauty of the need for compassionate understanding. 

The 3rd chakra is the personal power chakra. When the fear-base is triggered in the human nervous system, the energy can oscillate into the Militant archetype (the central vagus nerve branch–fight to survive) which may...

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Silencing Your Inner Critic: How Horses Can Help Develop Your Empowered Voice

Mar 30, 2023

Who are your voices? And what are they saying to you? We all have these internalized voices. Do you recognize what they represent to you in your life? Horses can support us to acknowledge what is in the moment.

One day as one of my clients stood with her back to the corral, her eyes were closed and her arms hung at her side, I guided her through a body-centered process; her horse stood at the gate, his mouth licked and chewed as she tapped into her body’s wisdom.  She first noticed fear in her belly, apprehension in her heart space, (her horse lifted a front foot and set it with a bang on the metal gate), she named fear in her belly once more, as tears sprang to her eyes and she crumpled forward, “I wasn’t going to cry, I never let anyone see my fear.” 

“You never let anyone see your fear… and you weren’t going to cry.” I paused a moment, “I’m guessing a little part of you might be needing acknowledgment what...

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