Dedicated to All the Professionals Helping Others

Mar 02, 2020

Today’s post is especially dedicated to all of you folks out there who support others. You might be a therapist, a doctor, a psychotherapist or a coach working in health and wellness. Sometimes, when we are about this work, we can feel exhaustion. We keep doing our best to power through to make a difference, because our work in the world really does matter, to so many lives.

Yet, what can happen when we are powering through, we can end up lacking healthy boundaries, taking on more than we need to or that is good for us. We may find it difficult to be able to say “No” when somebody asks for support or help, even though we have already put in our shift or have a full schedule. If we continue down that path, then some of us may start to get frazzled and not be able to track so well and communicate with a lack of clarity. We can fall down into this place that has no motivation at all and we feel so tired. This can happen in many different ways.

Let me share one of my...

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