What Does Your New Normal Look Like?

May 15, 2020

I’m especially curious about those of you who are in positions of leadership in your world. Some of us, in those positions, hold a lot of responsibility, even more so now. One person described it as navigating through the jungle of leadership. In some pockets of our world there is desperation and hard choices to make. When we have the capacity developed within us to hold the whole global picture and still be able to do the microscission surgery of paying attention to the little details that can make such an impact on so many lives. That’s a gift. It’s not a gift that all of us have. I want to acknowledge that it’s a gift that some of us have and I’m so grateful for your leadership in the world. You inspire me. 

At the same time as you are out there navigating this jungle of leadership in our world today, especially on the medical forefront where there is such a pandemic going on with this virus. It’s like you are out there in this wilderness...

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