Exploring Hypersensitivity - Guest Blog by Rylan Lybecker

Mar 06, 2020

What is it like to be hypersensitive?  I would like to first explain what being hypersensitive means.  It is being able to notice what is happening in one’s own body and self in which others are unable to pick up on.  This includes professionals including coaches and therapists who are trained and supposed to know how to pick up on these things.

Someone who experiences hypersensitivity can sense everything that they are experiencing both internally and externally.  This is because they “process all forms of stimulation deeply due to a biological difference in their nervous systems; this includes what they see, touch, taste think, and experience” (Granneman). These experiences are hidden deep inside and others cannot see them as easily.  They are aware of all that is in their environment including family members, pets, sounds, smells, and touch. 

When one can watch certain shows or movies, it allows for the mind to experience having a...

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