Constellations with Horses

Strengthen your social engagement system!
Unwind and unravel the frozen strands of trauma from your essential self.
Flourish, live, and contribute your gifts with ease.


Experience Family Constellations with Horses​

Do you long for a more sustained experience of belonging? The herd has a spirit and power beyond the gathering of individual horses. Gloria Lybecker has drawn healing and strength from this connection for over five decades. The ever-flowing constellation of the herd grounds and inspires her work. The wild, unconstrained heart of the herd offers ever-flowing love, and through this connection Gloria has come to embody the transforming energy of the Awakened Heart of the Divine Mother. Join her and experience practical steps to access the power of this love and absolute acceptance in your own life.   



"The entire experience blew my mind!"

from the "Publisher's Pick" Article in Natural Awakenings Magazine

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Each Family Constellation Begins Outside of the Arena


​Each family constellation begins outside of the picador, round pen, or arena with the client, known as the Seeker, being interviewed in a body-centered approach by Gloria. As the Seeker states their intention to Gloria, she observes the knowing field of the constellation where the horses reflect the Seeker’s right hemisphere. When the seeker steps into the knowing field, they both witness and participate in their unfolding Constellation being guided to access the body’s wisdom through physical sensations, arising emotions, the beauty of the needs alive in the moment, and intuition. The horses and nature tune-in to information gathering in the knowing field, communicating though each movement, sound, and felt sense as it unfolds.

Gloria supports the Seeker to notice and observe everything that happens in the field, acknowledging the meanings each moment has in the Seekers felt-sense experience. Family constellations with Horses are held in communion with nature, inviting all of life to participate, including the elements. At any moment, a dove, butterfly, red-winged hawk, horse-fly, rain, wind, or the heat of the sun may make its presence known in the Constellation. The representation of each moment becomes known as the Constellation unfolds.

Family constellations with horses give us a way to harvest the body's wisdom. Through this work, we strengthen our social engagement system and we can begin to unwind and unravel the frozen strands of trauma from our essential self so that we can flourish, live, and contribute our gifts with ease.​​ When we honor and hold reverence for all that occurs, and all the energies that participate in the constellation, we receive enduring benefits.


Step Into the Knowing Field

When we step into the knowing field we are stepping into the seeker’s right hemisphere, (reflected by the Equine) with its connection to the body, emotions, and its orientation in our relational world.


The Knowing Field Is The Picadero

The picadero, round pen, or arena of the Healing Herd is the designated area of the knowing field. This field of energy receives access to information specific from the seeker’s held intention.


Gloria’s Program is Inspired By


Sarah Peyton’s Constellation Theory:

"Constellation work is a particular way of looking at questions and blocks we have in our lives. It is a spatial exploration of a relational question, using different positions, representatives, objects or people to look at how things are connected with one another and where systems might be frozen by entanglements or traumas." Read more at

and Bert Helligner's Orders of Love:

"The Order of Love method is a solution-oriented therapy. It is subjected to natural orders and laws existing within the family or any system, therefore, the categories being beyond our moral codexes. The violation of the mentioned categories could bring to suffering and diseases, whereas their reestablishing brings to healing." Read more at