Awakening Collective

Established to provide women with a secure and connected space where they can share their life's joys and sorrows. In this sacred space, every aspect of you is recognized and accepted.


Women's Group 

Although healing sessions can take various forms, I have found group settings to be particularly empowering for women. It allows them to completely surrender to the present moment in the company of supportive and non-judgmental women and a magnificent horse. In this environment, you will be encouraged to look into the mirror of your inner wisdom and explore your dreams and desires, connect with yourself and others on a deeper level, and release the emotional blocks that have been hindering you from being your best and most authentic self.

Every week, we will unite to share, learn, laugh, cry, connect, and heal. Together, we will experience emotions more profound than ever before and embrace our true essence, basking in the celebration of who we are.



Groups are on a month-by-month basis and open for anyone to join given space availability (limited to 8 spots per month). Because the nature of the group is establishing a non-judgmental environment and safe container for connection, sharing, self-growth, and healing, each member must commit to a month's worth of group sessions (4 weeks) at a price of $297/month.

Cancellations or no-shows are non-refundable. If you have to be absent for a week during your monthly commitment, you may refer a friend to take your spot.


In Session!

Enjoying warm Wednesday summer evenings with the Healing Herd.

August 9, 16, 23, 30

Complete the summer months celebrating with others who you are.

Groups take place at Healing You Sanctuary, located on the West Plains of Eastern Washington, just 15 minutes west of Spokane. The sanctuary boasts a beautiful horse barn, green pastures to explore and commune with the horses, nature, and a labyrinth. Join us for an extraordinary experience and awaken to your full potential.

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Prior to the program I was experiencing behaviors and attitudes that were not serving me and were not helping me to live my goals and dreams. I noticed that I seemed to sometimes be working against myself in creating the life I wanted.

While participating in this program I discovered I have worth, I am worthy of consideration and care, and I can hold myself with care in new and stronger ways. 

I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to experience a deepening in their personal growth, a heightened awareness of self and an improved relational sense with others. 

- Betsy A.


Being with the herd was a profound experience that enabled me to identify and clear some dynamics in my relationships and approach to work that had been leaving me exhausted and confused.

I have a new level of understanding of my boundaries and I am now clear about where I want to put my energy.  I am enjoying feeling passionate about work and my career again. 

Beyond healing, I gained a new level of understanding and perspective on leadership and group dynamics that has proved invaluable to me as a mother, wife and an HR manager. Tuning in to the energy and communication between the herd and being accepted into their space was a true privilege.

- Vanessa H.


I can say without reservation that my hopes for the program were not only met but exceeded. I found a community that embodies a spirit of compassion, collaboration and co-creation. I experienced a safe container in which to be entirely myself, to be curious and to grow as a person and as an equine guided coach. I was fully supported and was able to support others in personal exploration. The growth and learning in both areas were wonderful!

Since returning home from Gloria’s program, I have experienced a newfound sense of ease, hope and confidence. I am experiencing greater softness with my horses and new breakthroughs in my relationships with my teenage boys and with my husband. I have been given a powerful model of communication and relationship that is permeating my relationships and the way I move through my days. I am truly grateful and look forward to continued growth and learning with Gloria and her beautiful herd, both human and equine!

- Sumaya A.