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Are you tired and frustrated from working hard and taking massive action, only to see results that don't quite measure up to the time and energy you've invested?

Whether you're on a quest for personal growth or aiming for ambitious goals, the journey can often leave you feeling drained, without clear direction, and dissatisfied with the returns on your time and energy.

If you resonate with this struggle, know that you are not alone.

Many on the personal development path encounter this frustrating cycle where their dedicated efforts don't always translate into the desired outcomes.

So, what's the underlying reason? Striving for something unintentionally activates your ego (human conditioning).

Your ego listens to your long-established limiting beliefs, creating a reality confined by these constraints. This journey becomes exhausting, resulting in less-than-optimal outcomes.

But here's a solution: The Healing You Method’s Divine Circle Process.

Step into a new narrative where your journey becomes a seamless flow of empowered creation, a realm where every action aligns with the outcomes you envision.

đŸ’« Embark on a Journey of Empowerment and TransformationđŸ’«

In the Mastering Choices Program, we redefine personal growth, making it an exhilarating exploration rather than an exhausting struggle. Join us to break free from the frustrating cycle and discover the magic of Healing You Method’s Divine Circle Process.

Why Mastering Choices?

- 12 Fundamental Beliefs: Dive deep into comprehensive belief mapping to unearth and transform limiting beliefs.

- Consciousness Exploration: Gain extensive insights into consciousness and its mechanisms.

- Conflict Mastery: Turn conflicts into allies, valuable tools for self-awareness.

- Focus Mastery: Harness the power of focus to create the life you truly desire.

Join us as we explore the foundational core beliefs that create your reality.

Dive into the concept that everything begins with a message – explore how awareness is key to understanding subconscious messages.

Learn how to recognize the patterns running in your unconscious reality and learn to separate yourself from limiting beliefs.

Uncover the power of your will in assigning consciousness, a key to developing your ability to exercise it.

Discover the Power of Redefining Your Experiences and Creating a Life You Love

Understand the dynamics between your Ego (human experience) and your Creative Spirit (Essential Self). Learn to resolve identity conflicts and embrace the heart of your Super Conscious truth.

Explore the concept of Tension seeking resolution and the role of Will and Choice in assigning power. Dive into the intricacies of Perception and how it creates your version of reality.

Experience the Profound Benefits:

- Empowerment: Unleash your innate power and effectiveness effortlessly.

- Confidence: Trust in your ability to shape your life as the predominant creative force.

- Vision: Say farewell to limitations; start envisioning and creating in alignment with your highest potential.

- Consistency: Revel in consistent freedom, joy, and abundance.

- Power: Liberate your power from past limitations; empower your creations with conscious choices.

- Fulfillment: Live authentically, creating a life filled with love, health, freedom, and wealth.

This isn't about fixing yourself; it's about tapping into your superconscious creative state, a lifelong skill enabling you to effortlessly manifest your desires.

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Unleash Your Inner Wisdom  & Rediscover Your True Nature!

Dive into the profound realms of “Individuation” (the process through which a person achieves a sense of individuality separate from the identities of others and begins to consciously exist as a human in the world.)

Understand the challenge of identifying with a sense of separation and discover the path back to your true, connected nature - your inner wisdom.

Living from the Heart

Shift your perspective on the ego, recognizing it as your earthly vehicle rather than a self-centered aspect. Embrace the Hero's Journey, acknowledging your intention to connect with your greatness. Uncover the impact of beliefs imprinted in your formative years and learn how to recognize and acknowledge their impact and release them.

What You'll Receive:

- Live Online Training: Join live foundational group coaching sessions focused on mastering choices.

- Comprehensive Workbook: Your guide through the training, packed with profound teachings and empowering exercises.

- Exclusive Belief Mapping: Uncover the 12 unconscious beliefs shaping your journey.

- Empowering Exercises: Practical tools designed to empower you as the master creator.

- Community Support: Connect with like-minded individuals in our exclusive members-only group.

🌟 Take the Leap!

Break free from the cycle of limited returns for your efforts. Join us on this life-changing journey and become the master of your choices!

🌈 What You'll Learn:

- The 12 Fundamental Beliefs: A comprehensive mapping of unconscious beliefs creating your experience.

- Conflict Deconstruction: Practical exercises to empower you on your path to true potential.

- Consciousness Insights: Explore the depths of consciousness and its profound impact.

- Powerful Choice Making: Learn to put the power into what you would love to create.

Ready to elevate your awareness, tap into your inner wisdom, and experience life with a fresh perspective?

Don't miss out on the brilliance that awaits you.

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Rhoda Ingstad, Arizona, USA

I want to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to the incredible Gloria Lybecker. As an educator for 30 years, I've had the privilege of learning from many teachers, but Gloria stands out as a true gem. She has the remarkable ability to break down complex concepts into bite-sized pieces, making it accessible to everyone.

I've had the chance to grow personally as well. Thanks to Gloria, I've learned how to shift from a trauma-based mindset to one rooted in love. This has been a profound revelation for me, enabling me to let go of old habits and embrace the person I was meant to be.

So, a heartfelt thank you, Gloria! Your guidance and wisdom have made an incredible impact on my life and countless others.

Ruth Emsley, Oxford, UK

It's been so helpful working together, and a joy as well. I have learnt a great deal about the practice and the impact of choices, and it's potential for healing and restructuring our neurological "underpinnings". Receiving your skillful and insightful processes has brought shifts around a number of issues I brought to the program. I've taken in the reminder to "not make yourself wrong" and am working steadily with offering myself practical ways to embody greater kindness for my inner experience which opens a doorway to wholeness and freedom. I've so enjoyed connecting with the others in the group.


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Total Cost $1395

  • Spread your investment over three months, making it even more accessible. Start your transformation with the first payment, followed by two additional monthly installments.


Nati Beltran, Calahorra, Spain

I have loved the classes! They have provided for me a different way to understand and look at habitual patterns of thinking, which I have found incredibly supportive. I really enjoy how you bring something new to each module, which supports me in growing and allows me to move forward towards being a happier and more emotionally-balanced person. I love your empathic and accepting presence and the way you hold each member of the community with such care and curiosity. It provides me with a model that I haven't had before and that I can begin to integrate into my life. 

Penny Cullen, Queensland, Australia

There have been some major shifts inside me over the course of the program, way more than happened the first time I participated in a course. One major shift was becoming more aware of how my mood is fed off where the children are at, which in reality is a reflection of me. Even with this new awareness it has felt like a big effort to actually acknowledge that I can stay present and focused on my child without becoming caught up with the emotion. I can feel when I get caught up in the emotion and it is taking me away from my true self and the needs of my child in that moment. The first time I was able to stay truly present with the situation with my child, and therefore hold my reacting self with compassion and understanding, I felt this huge release happen and with tears. I felt an incredible sense of peace and understanding of what is.