Learn how to be present in the moment and tap into your inner wisdom. Discover the messages that the horses are giving us and receive the guidance you need to create lasting transformation in your life. 


Our "Healing You" equine-guided private sessions are here to help you explore all the emotions, beliefs, and changes that come with the specific areas of your life you're feeling stuck in. We'll gently move you towards returning home to your body and wisdom where solutions can be found and hope restored.

Are you ready to:

  •  Thrive, not just survive?
  •  Care for yourself while being aware of the world around you?
  •  Replace stress with courage and confidence?
  •  Connect deeply with horses, nature and yourself?
  •  Develop your intuition further?
  •  Experience more joy, energy and self-compassion?
  •  Heighten your awareness of yourself and others?
  •  Feel better, take charge and move forward?

Our sessions are designed for people of all ages, from teens to adults. We offer different coaching bundles depending on your needs and preferences.

If you're interested in learning more about our private sessions, please click on the inquiry form link below.

The session takes place at Healing You Sanctuary, located on the West Plains of Eastern Washington, just 15 minutes west of Spokane. The sanctuary boasts a beautiful horse barn, green pastures to explore and commune with the horses, nature, and a labyrinth. Join us for an extraordinary experience and awaken to your full potential.

Stop surviving life and start truly thriving.

Whether you're feeling stuck, seeking clarity, or just ready to take your life to the next level, this experience will help you find your way forward.

Invest in yourself and deepen your connection to your heart. Schedule your complimentary 15-minute consult call now.

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Often the most significant hindrance to change is our own bias, expectations, and assumptions.

By allowing and encouraging a non-traditional experience away from our own identity and towards a non-judgmental orientation, the truth of where we place our power is revealed. Once this shift takes place, real and lasting change is possible. 

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No matter what area of your life where you are feeling stuck, illuminating structural patterns is at the heart of what we do. These are not just weekly sessions. We work together as a team in the pasture, arena, and “off the sanctuary” to help you discover and identify the patterns and stories that keep you from progressing in your life.  


  • Our two hour "Healing You" Equine Experience (you may choose to break this into two sessions)

  • 6 sessions (2 hours each) either on the sanctuary or off (we do what’s best for your schedule)

  • Accountability check ins

  • Recommended processes to enhance your learning outside of sessions

  • Custom Journal and other blessings to enhance your journey


  • 12 sessions (1 hour each) meet virtually or as we like to say “off the sanctuary.”

  • Accountability check ins

  • Recommended processes to enhance your learning outside of sessions

  • Custom Journal and other blessings to enhance your journey

  • Option to travel for a Healing You Equine Experience

Our "Healing You" Equine Experience is designed for those who prefer a single deep dive into equine coaching.

Workshops provide a one-and-done approach however, most tend to return or take up our "Healing You" Coaching. Our "Healing You" Equine Experience is custom designed to your challenges and goals. Journaling or other recommended processes are encouraged so clients leave with lasting insights and perspectives.


  • 2 hour Healing You Sanctuary Equine Experience

  • Activities custom tailored to your goals

  • Hands on learning with our equine partners

  • Custom Journal and other blessings to enhance your journey

Our self care sessions are for anyone looking to ‘dip their toe’ into "Healing You" Coaching or as a perfect getaway to meet our horses, mini-horses, cats and chickens.

A respite or escape to spend time with grazing horses, grooming, walking or just sitting with them. Essentially a self-care session on the sanctuary, we chat about life, relax, and recharge.

60 Minute Session | $100