Divine Pathways: A Journey to Consciousness and Empowerment

See yourself through the lens of love and experience a deeper feeling of safety and peace than you ever thought possible.

Over the course of our virtual 6-week journey together, you'll awaken to a sense of peace, freedom, and safety in your sense of wholeness you didn't know was possible:

Learning to Love Yourself


Thanks for being on this journey with me!

Every new phase of our journey comes with emotions and limiting beliefs that linger in the shadows.

During each session, we'll experiment with a different practice that will help you feel grounded and at ease, restoring the connection you have to your inner wisdom, supporting your nervous system, and leading you towards becoming more compassionate toward yourself and the beliefs you have held about yourself.

These methods have served me greatly in my own life, and I know they'll help you develop a loving, spiritual relationship with your sense of wholeness, too.

Discover how to engage with life easily and confidently by remaining grounded in your Heart-Connection with Life.

Participants will: 

  • Understand the Hero's Journey.
  • Learn how consciousness works. 
  • Identify 12 fundamental beliefs.
  • Use conflict for greater self awareness.
  • Develop an awareness of where you really are and where you really are going.
  • Consistently practice the conflict deconstruction process with others.
  • Know where you put your power.
  • Recognize the impact of beliefs stamped into your inner child.
  • Differentiate Your identity from your true creative self. 
  • Be empowered.

I'm here to accompany you each step of the way!

Join Gloria and experience the power of empathetic presence and resonance, restoring health and balance in your being.

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