Journey to Self-Awareness: Breaking Free from Autopilot

Jan 19, 2024

I've been reflecting on those moments in my day when I slip into autopilot, becoming an unwitting passenger in my own life. It's left me wondering: how did I let myself become a spectator in my own story? How can I reclaim my presence, slow down, and truly regain control of my choices?

This phenomenon can be incredibly subtle. For instance, when I'm out feeding my horses, a wave of reminiscence can wash over me, and suddenly, I find myself lost in the "ever-present-past." In those moments, I'm no longer fully engaged; I'm merely going through the motions.

Just yesterday, as I chatted with my aunt on my headset while driving to visit my grandkids, I realized I had missed my turn-off entirely! It's become evident how frequently I slip into autopilot throughout the day. I've come to appreciate the beauty of being fully present and empowered, the ability to slow down my inner processes and truly observe my life and the choices it presents. To consciously direct where I channel my...

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You Can No Longer Hide in Unconsciousness

Aug 06, 2021

Do you know what is really possible? Well, it is possible that you can awaken to know your truth. You can see new possibilities for relationships that you couldn’t see before. Which means you can no longer hide in the shadows. You can no longer hide in unconsciousness.  

It used to be that you didn’t have a language for heart connection. Because of that you lived a life that felt disjointed and scrambled around in a sense of aloneness. Like a fish out of water. At times it felt pretty scary. 

But now you know it is safe to experience and experiment with new possibilities. You can even do this in real time. You can cultivate pathways, connections with others who have heart connection that support you, nurture you, and empower you, to be all that you were created to be.  

One of the things you can do to continue to support this to happen, is to simply notice. Drop into your own heart and begin to notice what you are doing that activates this...

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What Do You Say You Will Never Do Again?

Feb 19, 2021
Do you notice the patterns of your life? The patterns that drive your experiences. Your motivation, your inspiration. What do you do unconsciously? We all have different patterns that we have developed unconsciously. Those unconscious patterns are what drive our behavior. What’s really cool is when you’ve slowed down in your inner world, to notice what patterns you are having, to be curious about them and see whether they are serving your life or not. Unless we can notice the pattern; it will never change, instead, it will get more deeply embedded.
Some of us, when we were little, we experienced being shamed when we spoke up. Maybe by a teacher, a parent, or other kids. When that shame experience happened, it was so painful a part of us may have made an unconscious contract of, “I will never speak up again.” Then we may have the experience of having something we want to say but we automatically don’t speak up. It’s just what we do.
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