Scared of the Unknown

Feb 19, 2020

Have you ever been scared of the unknown? You know, feeling frightened and uncertain, not knowing what to do, or how to do it. Or even what “it” is. To be knocked off your center, and you can feel it in your bones. This fear that is just lurking there and then nothing feels safe.

For me, part of the worst of it is feels so all alone in the midst of it. With nowhere to turn for support, or it seems there is nowhere to turn for support.

I remember as a child when I would experience this, I would be scared what might be under my bed. Or, did you have any idea what might be in your closet in the middle of the night? And it’s dark when you have to get up to go to the bathroom. The hallway seemed so long, and cold, and lonely.

Sometimes those types of childhood fears can stay with us in our bones, in the shadows of our lives. Unless we have been blessed enough, or fortunate enough, or by chance we met another being that understood us. Someone that got us, and we could...

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Are You Highly Sensitive?

Feb 14, 2020

Today I was thinking about the time in my life when everything felt really intense. I felt so much sensitivity to my environment. I would be told things like, “You are just way too sensitive, you need to chill out a bit.” Or, “Man, you are deep.” (like it was a bad thing) Or I was told, “Why do you work so hard? Why don’t you just relax and enjoy life?”

Those kinds of comments were bewildering to me. They didn’t resonate with my felt experience. What I want to reach out to all of you, if you resonate with this experience, is to acknowledge what is really possible when you have that level of sensitivity in your spirit. It’s a gift.

It’s possible to develop the capacity to stay present in each moment of your life, to the best of your ability. When you do that you are able to live life with an open heart. You recognize that your sensitivities are gifts, you are born with special gifts, that allow you to take in life in a...

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Don’t Want to Get Up?

Feb 07, 2020

Have you ever had a day when you woke up in the morning and you didn’t want to get up? You just wanted to lay there and snuggle in a little deeper and take the day off? This morning I felt that way.

I’ve been really focused on learning a new language, and it’s a language I didn’t really want to learn. Because it’s a language that has to do with new technology. Yet, the intention underneath learning the new technology is a powerful motivator. It’s learning how to use these different platforms online in order to provide more resources for more people. Especially for people like you and me! Now that’s a powerful motivator for me.

I remember when I was first reaching out for resources when the internet was just new. Back then it seemed like everything was pretty fast online. Now it’s even faster! To keep up with that new technology it takes some new skillsets. It makes me realize just how important it is to have reliable, consistent,...

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